mardi 20 novembre 2007

Old spaghettis with a lovely sauce

ok, let's face it, Netapp boxes are ugly: spaghettis, daisy chain connections, 32bits snmp..yuk

but Ontap is really great, no wonder why some companies want to copy it using commodity hardware/OS (check nexenta or opensolaris with Fishworks project)..OnTap is a success and by far.
I really appreciate how easy it is to configure (once you managed to untangle cabling):
  • create a trunk (called vif) of four Gigabit Ethernet links is very easy and it works
  • clustering is straitghforward...and it works
  • GUI interface allows to do 99% of the tasks (ok the interface is ajax or anything dynamic)
  • snapshot, ndmp backup, snapmirror works first time
  • netapp simulator is great as it helps testing configurations

so, although spaghettis are old..the sauce is really good!

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