samedi 1 décembre 2007

Parmigiano for my Spaghettis

I invited 2 colleagues of mine at a pasta restaurant called "Netapp" to try their speciality "Spaghettis" (see previous post). I has happily eating the superb pasta with my fork (no spoon!) and suddenly I felt I needed to add Parmigiano ... I asked the waiter to bring me some when he announced it would cost me...$47.000 to add "cheese from Parma" on those spaghettis !!

  • Me: What?? you must be joking! $47k to use a stupid cheese??
  • Waiter: Mi dispiace, parmigiano for 3 plates cost $47.000
  • Me: no thanks, next time I need parmigiano, I'll choose another pasta restaurant..crook!

Frankly, do you think Netapp is really entitled to ask $47.000 to use NFS ??? is this fair when NFS has been around for as long as unix exist.

Basically I'll wait a couple of month to have more recent boxes doing NFS without additional licenses (may be fishworks or Nexantastor)

bon apetit!

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