mercredi 14 novembre 2007

old spaghettis

did you know that Ontap doesspeak snmpv1 only...i.e in 32bits. so snmp walks are nightmare when dealing with large sizes (above 2GB). Ok it simulates 64bits by sending 2x32bits counters that one has to re-assemble..of course nobody bothers, it's too complicated to modify a monitoring software to do that
also, the spaghettis cabling IS a nightmare: even Netapp engineer had to think hard before we could see all the drives.
last but not least, you cannot swap tray orders: some of them contain the OS, and they must be placed correctly in the scsi chain if you want to boot successfully (especially in a cluster)
these spaghettis are really old
ideally, tray connection should be done as a SAN fabrric topology, not a chain. that eases management and storage expansion (basically ou would not need to break the chain to add a storage tray)

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